Monday, August 20, 2007

Vick's Plea

Click here to read about Michael Vick's plea. I'm too writeless to continue on.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Fate of Falcon's Vick

Today at 4pm The Atlanta Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank speaks in a new conference regarding disciplining QB Michael Vick. Vick has been indicted for a felony animal cruelty charge. Read the indictment papers here.
The NFL has taken a stand that Vick should not attend training camp.

Mr. Blank began the conference and stated that Vick is suspended for the first four games and training camp. Future actions may take place further down the road if necessary.

Rich McKay, Atlanta Falcons President & GM responded to why it took so long to make a decision. "We have a football team the needs the right environment to get ready to play in the 07' season... We owe it to our players we have to create an environment that is focused on football."

Sound like the Falcons are removing themselves from Vick. Blank didn't mention his name much. Has anyone read the indictment?

Falcons open training camp begins Thursday at their Flowery Branch headquarters.

I don't know if I will go to see them train this year. Not that I think their decision is wrong. It just doesn't seem the same to me. can I take not ever seeing Michael Vick in that Falcon's uniform again. I think that he will never play for us again even if he isn't convicted of this dogfighting job.

Arthur Blank's letter to Falcon's fans?


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Monday, September 11, 2006

2006 Fall Falcon Fashion Tees


Rhinestone Ringer Tee Women's Cap Sleeve Polo Mariah Sequel Tee

Ok. I'm thinking this red t-shirt is for the lassies, but I like it. Yet, I think my sweetie darlings will pop those rhinestones clean off. What do you think?

The capped sleeve polo makes me want to keep lifting my weights. White is a hard color for a mother of a first grader to wear. 

Now this pink Mariah sequel is right up my alley. It will be getting cool soon. That cool pink color is great for my skin tone. I can eat all the chilly I can stand, because my arms are covered. I'm feeling all sexy football chic in this tee.

However, I'm still waiting for 365 to come out with a Georgia Peach version with georgia peach sizes, particularly in the sweetie darling area.

Which is your fav?


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Welcome Back

"While we are happy about getting the win on the road against Carolina, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and see where we can improve. We have a heck of a challenge this week with Tampa coming in here. They beat us twice last year on last second field goals. We have to spend this week getting better and see what happens on Sunday."
- Coach Mora commenting on this week's game
Falconschick is back in full effect. Late, but back. A few trouble spots with Falcons win over the Panthers. I thought the game was a sigh of relief for the players, since they lost to the Panthers last year, which cut their championship chances, but...John Abraham and Patrick Kerney's injury kind of scares me a little. After all their playing those pirates this weekend. And the Pirates did do well at the box office this summer. :) Just a little bad Jack Sparrow humor. Can't wait to see the Dirty Birds take on Dirty Men.
By the way why are we women fascinated with bad men? They do us dirty. They don't care. Maybe that's why I finally dumped my Caribbean Mr. Fantastic. So Falcons you need to whoop the Bucs for me this weekend, just for the principle of my wicked love life situation.  
I'd tell you the juicy details, but you just want to know about these Falcons right? You better say right. :)
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Shockley's Perfect Situation

 By: Grant Halverson, Getty Images2005 SEC Football Championship Game: Georgia v LSU   (37)Jimmy Williams db. Virginia Tech2005 NFL Draft
(79) Jerious Norwood rb. Mississippi State
(139) Quinn Ojinnaka ot. Syracuse
(184) Adam Jenninds, wr, Fresno State
(223) D.J. Shockley, qb, Georgia
"It's the perfect situation," said Shockley, the first Georgia player taken by the Falcons since linebacker Mitch Davis in 1994. "It's just a tremendous feeling to know that I amgoing to be here, my parents are going to be able to go to the game with my brothers. This is one of the greatest things."
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Blog Crush Awards

BlogcrushSpring is in the air and I'm feeling all giddy. G is back, leaving french love notes on my voice mail,so I'm contemplating putting my engagement ring back on my finger.  I even got a new french inspired coif(I cut my hair) But I'm still perplexed. See. I'm crushing on something else--your blogs!! And before I tell you which blogs I'm feening over, I'll give you the chance to spout sonnets here at Gospel Fiction about your current Blog Crush. This pic is courtesy of aussie blogging phenom, Darren Rowse . You can pass this pic onto your 2006 blog fancy as a token of our love for their site. So, who are you blogcrushing? 

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Old Testament Throwbacks

Birmingham, AL ( - For the first time in sports history, [Christian Throwback]a professional franchise will wear Bible-themed jerseys during a game. On Friday, May 5th, the Birmingham Steeldogs arena football team will don jerseys with the name of Bible hero "SAMSON" embroidered on the front as they take on the Louisville Fire at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. Combining the names and numerals on the backs of each player will create specific Bible chapter and verse references.
Wow! I checked out the website of this store and like what I saw. It's a father/daughter run business. So sweet. Click on the the slide show to get to Christian
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

QB Coach Fired

QB Coach Mike Johnson contract not renewed and his conditioning coaches--Al Miller and Rocky Colburn-- resigned. Read the AJC article here.

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