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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Fate of Falcon's Vick

Today at 4pm The Atlanta Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank speaks in a new conference regarding disciplining QB Michael Vick. Vick has been indicted for a felony animal cruelty charge. Read the indictment papers here.
The NFL has taken a stand that Vick should not attend training camp.

Mr. Blank began the conference and stated that Vick is suspended for the first four games and training camp. Future actions may take place further down the road if necessary.

Rich McKay, Atlanta Falcons President & GM responded to why it took so long to make a decision. "We have a football team the needs the right environment to get ready to play in the 07' season... We owe it to our players we have to create an environment that is focused on football."

Sound like the Falcons are removing themselves from Vick. Blank didn't mention his name much. Has anyone read the indictment?

Falcons open training camp begins Thursday at their Flowery Branch headquarters.

I don't know if I will go to see them train this year. Not that I think their decision is wrong. It just doesn't seem the same to me. can I take not ever seeing Michael Vick in that Falcon's uniform again. I think that he will never play for us again even if he isn't convicted of this dogfighting job.

Arthur Blank's letter to Falcon's fans?


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