Falconschick: 2006 Fall Falcon Fashion Tees

Monday, September 11, 2006

2006 Fall Falcon Fashion Tees


Rhinestone Ringer Tee Women's Cap Sleeve Polo Mariah Sequel Tee

Ok. I'm thinking this red t-shirt is for the lassies, but I like it. Yet, I think my sweetie darlings will pop those rhinestones clean off. What do you think?

The capped sleeve polo makes me want to keep lifting my weights. White is a hard color for a mother of a first grader to wear. 

Now this pink Mariah sequel is right up my alley. It will be getting cool soon. That cool pink color is great for my skin tone. I can eat all the chilly I can stand, because my arms are covered. I'm feeling all sexy football chic in this tee.

However, I'm still waiting for 365 to come out with a Georgia Peach version with georgia peach sizes, particularly in the sweetie darling area.

Which is your fav?


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