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Friday, October 28, 2005

Dee's Update

Sorry, I haven't posted anything this week. I'm hosting a fairy slumber party for my daughter tonight, so I've been busy decorating, baking and pulling my hair out. :)
 I hope you watched Monday Falcon Football this past Monday. Our Dirty Birds won of course.
Please support the Falcons Breast Cancer Funding Campaign. They have some cute Pink and white t-shirts for the ladies.
Next week, I plan to bring you three times the coverage and what I intended for this blog to do. Talk about the falcons from a woman's point of view. I'm talking the 5 most gorgeous team members(that includes coaches and support staff), lady falcons updates, cheerleading, women issues, and tips on helping you understand the game...from a woman's point of view. Stay tuned...and if you are a falcon fan, cheerleader, woman supporter, hit me up. I'm looking for guest bloggers.
What did I miss this week? Tell me.
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