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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Falcon Divas & The Dolphins

OK. So I'm watching the Falcons take the Dolphins on Fox. 4 minutes left in the game.Atlanta 17: Dolphins 10. I have to say that although my guys are winning, the Dolphins are really letting me down. They recovered a fumble in the first quarter, bu didn't get a TD. Lost another TD oppt in the second to tie the game, but got a field goal instead. Don't get me wrong I have a little Falcon harping to do on my own. Not here, of course. :)
I have to hand it to Atlanta's defense for holding that TD back in the 2nd quarter. Peterson is perfect as usual. Vick is just...vick-terrific!! Everyone is playing so well, I can't think of a possible MVP yet. Maybe I should look at who's not helping instead.
Ladies remember next week, Dugans on Flat Shoals will be the hot spot to see the game. My sister, MeLana and her galpals, The Falcons Divas of Georgia Perimeter College will be holding down a classy soiree, so I plan to be in attendance. Maybe snap some photos and load them to the blog.
If you belong to a female Falcons club, please tell me where you meet, and how can I be down. Would love to hang out and spotlight you here on the blog.
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