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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lady Falcons Clearance Count

Check out the Falcons official e-shop-Falcons 365 for the latest items on clearance. My pick for this clearance count are the pink lady chiller fleece pants. They are $19.00. Ten dollars less than the retail value. Great to cozy up with your snuggle buddy and watch the games. There are also some new pink, green and white pajama bottoms under new items. I really like the new pink line, since pink is the thing this season.
Also note, Marshalls has Lady Falcons gear on clearance this week. I may snap some up and use them for contest giveaways or something. My sister's boyfriend, Mike has a Gucci Falcons Jersey. Gucci! He's a clothing designer. Maybe we can get him to design something swanky for the Falconschick crew in the near future.


What did you think about today's game? And most importantly, what available(and I stress available) Falcon would you love to cuddle up with in your pink pants with?

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